Rest your eyes for more than 5 minutes for every 1 hour of product use.•• Eye fatigue will be relieved.


Do not touch the screen when the product has been turned on for an extended period of time as it will become hot.

Store small accessories out of the reach of children.


Exercise caution when adjusting the product angle or stand height.

Be careful that children do not place the battery in their mouths when removed from the remote control. Place the battery in a location that children or infants cannot reach.

•• If children have had the battery in their mouths, consult your doctor immediately.

When replacing the battery, insert it with the right polarity (+, -).

•• Otherwise, the battery may become damaged or it may cause fire, personal injury or damage due to leakage of the internal liquid.

Use only the specified standardized batteries, and do not use a new battery and a used battery at the same time.

•• Otherwise, the batteries may be damaged or cause fire, personal injury or damage due to a leakage of the internal liquid.


The batteries (and rechargeable batteries) are not ordinary refuse and must be returned for recycling purposes. The customer is responsible for returning


•• Your hand or finger may get stuck and injured.

•• Tilting the product at an excessive angle may cause the product to fall and an injury may result.

the used or rechargeable batteries for recycling.•• The customer can return used or rechargeable batteries to a nearby!public recycling centre or to a store selling the same type of thebattery or rechargeable battery.
Do not place heavy objects on the product.

•• Product failure or personal injury may result.

When using headphones or earphones, do not turn the volume too high.•• Having the sound too loud may damage your hearing.