To use this function, your mobile device should be supported by the Wi-Fi Direct.

Wi-Fi Direct

MENU m Network Wi-Fi Direct ENTER E

Set to connect the product to wireless mobile devices. Using this function, you can connect wireless mobile devices with your product directly without a router.

To connect your mobile device with your product using Wi-Fi Direct, follow these steps:


Go to Wi-Fi Direct screen. The product starts to search devices.


Turn on the Wi-Fi Direct function on your device. Select the desired Wi-Fi device.

•• PBC (Push Button Configuration): Press the WPS(PBC) button on your Wi-Fi device within 2 minutes. Your product automatically acquires all the network setting values it needs and connects to your network.

•• PIN: Input the displayed PIN on your device.

――If you want to disconnect the device, select the connected Wi-Fi device, and then select Disconnected.

Multimedia Device Settings

MENU m Network Multimedia Device Settings ENTER E

Allow other devices such as smart phones and tablets on your network, to share content with your product.