Screen Mirroring

MENU m Network Screen Mirroring ENTER E

Connect a mobile device that supports the mirroring function to the product. This allows the screen and sound from the mobile device to be outputted on the product. Mirroring refers to outputting the screen and sound from a mobile device on a display device.

――To use Screen Mirroring, make sure the mobile device supports the mirroring function such as AllShare Cast, WiDi (version 3.5 or higher) and Miracast. To check if the mirroring function is available, visit the mobile device manufacturer website.

――Screen or sound output may be choppy if there is network congestion.

Screen Mirroring

Run the mirroring function from the mobile device. The mobile device automatically searches and displays the product in a list.

――If the mobile device cannot connect to the product, turn them off and then on again, and try again.

Server Network Settings

MENU m Network Server Network Settings ENTER E

Connect to server

To run Player connect to a network.

•• If the SSL option is enabled, the server is configured to use https and data transfer is encrypted.

――Enter the server IP address and port number. Use 7001 as the port number. (If unable to connect to the server using port number 7001, check with your server administrator to find the correct port number and then change the port number.)

MagicInfo Mode

Select the appropriate MagicInfo Mode depending on the environment where you are using the product.

•• Lite / Premium

Server Access

Select a method to connect the server network.•• Allow / Deny

FTP Mode

Specify the FTP operating mode.•• Active / Passive