Compatible devices with media play

•• Some USB digital cameras, smartphones and audio devices may not be compatible with the product.

•• Media play is only compatible with USB MSC devices.•• MSC device refers to a Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only Transport device.

Examples of MSC devices include Thumb drives, Flash card readers and USB HDDs. (USB hubs are not supported.) These MSC devices must be connected directly to a USB port on the product.

•• If more than one Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) device is connected, only one will work at a time.

•• If multiple MSC devices are connected, some devices may not be recognized. USB devices that require high power (higher than 500mA or 5V) may not be supported.

•• If an overheating warning message appears when a USB device is connected or used, the USB device may not be recognized or function properly.

•• The screensaver activates if the product is left idle for a period of time specified in Auto Protection Time.

•• Power-saving mode on some external hard disk drives may automatically deactivate after connecting to the product.

File system and formats•• Media play may not function properly with unlicenced multimedia files.•• Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) is not supported.•• Supported file systems include FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS (read only).

•• Media play supports the sequential JPEG format. It does not support the progressive JPEG format.

•• Images with a higher resolution take longer to be displayed on the screen.•• The maximum JPEG resolution supported is 15360x8640 pixels.

•• If a file is incompatible or corrupted, a message Not Supported File Format. appears.

•• When sorting files in folder view mode, a maximum of 1000 files can be displayed in each folder.

•• If a USB device contains 8000 files and folders or more, some files and folders may not open.

•• DRM MP3 files downloaded from websites that charge a fee cannot be played.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) refers to a system for protecting the copyrights of data circulated via the Internet or other digital media by enabling secure distribution and/or disabling illegal distribution of the data.