It is recommended to use a USB HDD that has a power adapter.

It is recommended to remove a USB device using the Disconnect USB Device function.

Using a USB device

Connecting a USB device


Turn on your product.


Connect a USB device containing photo, music and/or movie files to the USB port on the back or side panel of the product.


The Player page automatically appears as soon as a USB device connects to the product.

――If only one USB device is connected, files saved on the USB device are displayed automatically. ――To view content saved on a USB device, connect the USB device to a USB port on the product.

Removing a USB device

Removing a USB device from Source


Press SOURCE on the remote control. Alternatively, go to Source using the OSD menu.




Select USB from Source, and then press the TOOLS button on the remote control. The Options menu is displayed.


Select Disconnect USB Device and wait until the USB device is disconnected. The USB device is disconnected.