To use MagicInfo, a network box (sold separately) must be connected to the product. ――To change the MagicInfo settings, run "MagicinfoSetupWizard" on the desktop.

――For details on how to use MagicInfo, refer to the DVD provided with the network box.

――The information in this section is subject to change without notice for quality improvement.

――If a problem occurs after installing an operating system other than the one provided with the network box, restoring the previous version of the operating system, or installing software that is not compatible with the operating system provided, you will not be able to benefit from technical support and will be charged a fee for a visit from a service technician. A product exchange or refund will also not be available.

MagicInfo Setup Wizard - v.1.12

Select Application - step 1

MagicInfo Pro (LAN, WAN based version)

MagicInfo-i Premium (Web-based version)

Select Later

Entering MagicInfo mode


After installing and connecting the network box (sold separately) to the product, power on the product.


Press SOURCE on the remote control, and select MagicInfo.

――Connecting the network box to the DVI IN (MAGICINFO) port on the product will change Source from DVI to MagicInfo. 3 Select the default application you want to run when MagicInfo starts.

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