On/Off Timer


On/Off Timer

-- The displayed image may differ depending on the model.

――You must set the clock before you can use On/Off Timer.

On Timer

Set On Timer so that your product turns on automatically at a time and on a day of your choosing. The power is turned on with the specified volume or input source.

On Timer: Set the on timer by making a selection from one of the seven options. Ensure you set the current time first.

(On Timer 1 ~ On Timer 7)•• Setup: Select Off, Once, Everyday, Mon~Fri, Mon~Sat, Sat~Sun or Manual.

If you select Manual, you can choose the days you want On Timer to turn on your product. -- The check mark indicates days you’ve selected.

•• Time: Set the hour and minute. Use the number buttons or the up and down arrow keys to enter numbers. Use the left and right arrow buttons to change entry fields.

•• Volume: Set the desired volume level. Use the left and right arrow buttons to change the volume level.

•• Source: Select the input source of your choice.

•• Contents (when the Source is set to Internal/USB): From the USB device or internal memory device, select a folder containing content you want to play when the product turns on. Content can include music, photo or video files.

――This function is available only when a USB device is connected.

――If there is no music file on the USB device or you don’t select a folder containing a music file, the Timer function does not operate correctly.

――If there is only one photo file in the USB, the Slide Show will not play. ――If a folder name is too long, the folder cannot be selected.

――Each USB you use is assigned its own folder. When using more than one of the same type of USB, make sure the folders assigned to each USB have different names.

――We recommend that you use a USB memory stick and a multi card reader when using On Timer.

――The On Timer function may not work with USB devices with a built-in battery, MP3 players, or PMPs made by some manufacturers because the product can take too long to recognize these devices.