External sensor KIT


――The external sensor is integrated with the remote control sensor, light sensor and power indicator. If mounting the display onto a wall, you can move the External sensor KIT to the side of the display.

――The colour and shape of parts may differ from what is shown. Specifications are subject to change without notice to improve quality.

――The OM**D-K model does not come with a BACK-COVER.





Light sensor

Automatically detects the intensity of ambient light around a selected display and

adjusts the screen brightness.





Aim the remote control towards this spot on the LCD Display.
Remote Control Sensor

――Using other display devices in the same space as the remote control of this


product can cause the other display devices to be inadvertently controlled.



Power indicatorTurns off in power-on mode and blinks green in power-saving mode.

Use the remote control within 7m to 10m from the sensor on the product at an angle of 30from the left and right. ――Store used batteries out of reach of children and recycle.

――Do not use a new and used battery together. Replace both batteries at the same time.

――Remove batteries when the remote control is not to be used for an extended period of time.

――If you disconnect the power cord from the product while it is in standby mode, the product remains in standby mode until it runs out of power. The power indicator turns on or blinks during this time. If you reconnect the power cord, the input source activates and the product resumes normal operation.