Available buttons and features during video playback

Pressing the E or TOOLS button displays the following buttons. The RETURN button makes the buttons disappear.

•• Pause / Play

Pause or play a video.

The following features are available in pause mode. Note that sound cannot be heard in pause mode.

•• Rewind / Fast Forward

Rewind or fast forward a video. Speed up playback up to 3x, if required. To change the playback speed to the original speed, select .

•• Previous / Next

To play the previous video, select twice. Selecting once will play the current video from the beginning.

To play the next video, select .

•• Settings

Option Name




Select SceneThumbnails: Select a scene and play the video from the scene.


――Thumbnails is not available if 1) the thumbnail of the video is not extracted yet, 2) the video


contains audio only or 3) the video play time is shorter than 60 seconds.


Chapter Titles: Select and play another video in the same folder.


Time Bar: You can use the l and r buttons to scan through the file in 10-second intervals or


enter a specific time value to jump to that point in the video.




Configure Repeat.


Off: Disable Repeat.


Repeat One: Play the current video repeatedly.


Repeat All: Play all videos in a folder repeatedly.




Rotate an image.



Picture Size

Change the screen size (Picture Size). Supported screen sizes vary depending on the image.



Picture Mode

Change the Picture Mode.



Sound Mode

Change the Sound Mode.



Select Speakers

Select a speaker that will output sound from the product.



Audio Language

Play a video using a desired language. This feature only activates when a streaming file that


supports multiple audio formats is playing.




View information about a file.