Supported music file formats

File Extension








*.mp3MPEGMPEG1 Audio Layer 3






*.m4a, *.mpa, *.aac, *.3gaMPEG4AAC








The Seek (jump) function is not supported.




Supports up to 2 channel

Supported Video Formats

•• Video content will not play, or not play correctly, if there is an error in the content or the container.

•• Sound or video may not work if the contents have a standard bitrate/frame rate above the compatible Frame/sec listed in the table above.

•• If the Index Table is in error, the Seek (Jump) function is not supported.

•• You may experience file stuttering while playing a video through a network connection.

•• The menu may take longer to appear if the video’s bit rate exceeds 10Mbps.

•• Some USB/digital camera devices may not be compatible with the player.

Video Decoder

Audio Decoder
Supports up to H.264, Level 4.1

H.264 FMO / ASO / RS, VC1 SP / MP / AP L4 and AVCHD are not supported. For all Video codecs except MVC, VP8, VP6:

•• Below 1280 x 720: 60 frame max

•• Above 1280 x 720: 30 frame max GMC 2 over is not supported. Supports only BD MVC Spec.

Supports up to WMA 10 Pro 5.1 channel. WMA lossless audio is not supported. QCELP, AMR NB/WB are not supported.

If Vorbis is only in Webm container, supports up to 2 channel.