When connected to a home network (DLNA)

Play content saved on a device connected to a home network.

――Playing media content using a non-Samsung DLNA server may result in a compatibility issue.

――Playback of some media content shared with a PC or mobile device may not be possible depending on the content encoding type or the content file format. Some functions may not be available.

――Media content may not play properly if there is network congestion. If this is the case, use a USB device.

1 Press SOURCE on the remote control. Alternatively, go to Source using the OSD menu.





Select Network from Source. The Network Device menu appears.

Select a device connected via the home network (DLNA). A list of files and folders shared with the selected device will appear.

Select media content to play from the list. Play the selected media content.

Features provided in the media content list page


The media content list page on a storage device provides the following features.

•• Sort by

Rearrange the media content list under the selected file format in a desired view mode. -- This menu item is not available if Filter is set to All.

•• Filter

Among Photos, Videos and Music content saved on a storage device, view content files under a desired file format only.

•• Options

-- This menu item is not available if Filter is set to All.