Other issue

The product smells like plastic.The plastic smell is normal and disappears over time.



The monitor appears tilted.Remove and then attach the stand again to the product.
Audio or video cuts out intermittently.
Check the cable connection and connect it again if required.Using a very hard or thick cable may corrupt audio and video files.

Make sure cables are flexible enough to ensure durability. When mounting the product onto a wall, it is recommended to use right-angle cables.

Small particles are found on the edges of the product. The particles are part of the product design. The product is not defective.

The PIP menu is not available.

The menu is enabled or disabled depending on the Source mode.

When I try to change the PC resolution, a message "The defined resolution is not supported." appears.

The message "The defined resolution is not supported." appears if the input source resolution exceeds the maximum resolution of the display.

To resolve the issue, change the PC resolution to a resolution supported on the display.

There is no sound from the speakers in HDMI mode when a DVI-HDMI cable is connected.

――The OM**D-K model does not have internal speakers. To enable audio, connect an external sound output device to the AUDIO OUT port.

DVI cables do not transmit sound data.Make sure to connect the audio cable to the correct input jack to enable audio.

HDMI Black Level is not functioning properly on an HDMI device with YCbCr output.

This function is available only when a source device, such as a DVD player and STB, is connected to the product via an HDMI (RGB signal) cable.