Sound issue

Sound from the monitor does not change after Sound Mode Audio settings for main speakers are separate from the internal speakers on the product.

is changed.

Audio settings on a source device do not affect the internal speaker settings on the product.

――Applicable to the OM**D-W model only.


There is an echo sound coming from the speakers.

――Applicable to the OM**D-W model only.

Different decoding speeds between the product speakers and external speakers can cause an echo. In this case, set Speaker Settings to External.

Remote control issue

The remote control does not work.
Make sure that the batteries are correctly in place (+/-).Check if the batteries are flat.Check for power failure.Make sure that the power cord is connected.Check for any special lighting or neon signs switched on in the vicinity.

Source device issue

A beeping sound is heard when my PC is booting.If a beeping sound is heard when your PC is booting, have your PC serviced.