Table of contents

Before Using the Product

»»Copyright »»Safety Precautions


»»Parts»»Before Installing the Product (Installation Guide) »»Dimensions»»Installing the Wall Mount

Connecting and Using a Source Device

»»Before Connecting »»Connecting to a PC »»Connecting to a Video Device »»Connecting to an Audio System »»Connecting the LAN Cable

»»Connecting the network box (Sold separately) »»Changing the Input source

Using MDC

»»MDC Programme Installation/Uninstallation »»Connecting to MDC

Home feature


»»Template »»Clone Product »»ID Settings »»Video Wall »»Network Status »»Picture Mode »»On/Off Timer »»Ticker »»More settings »»URL Launcher

Screen Adjustment

»»Picture Mode»»Backlight / Contrast / Brightness / Sharpness / Colour / Tint (G/R)

»»Colour Temperature »»White Balance »»Gamma »»Calibrated value »»Advanced Settings »»Picture Options »»Picture Size

»»Auto Adjustment »»PC Screen Adjustment »»Picture Off

»»Reset Picture

OnScreen Display


»»Display Orientation »»Screen Protection »»Message Display »»Menu Transparency »»Menu Language »»Reset OnScreen Display

Sound Adjustment

»»Sound Mode »»Sound Effect »»HDMI Sound »»Sound on Video Call »»Speaker Settings »»Auto Volume »»Reset Sound