Due to the characteristics of high-glossy products, using a UV humidifier nearby may create white-coloured stains on the product.

――Contact Customer Service Centre if the inside of the product needs cleaning (service fee will be charged).

Electricity and Safety

――The following images are for reference only. Real-life situations may differ from what is shown in the images.


Do not use a damaged power cord or plug, or a loose power socket.

•• An electric shock or fire may result.

Do not use multiple products with a single power socket.

•• Overheated power sockets may cause a fire.

Do not touch the power plug with wet hands. Otherwise, an electric shock may result.

Insert the power plug all the way in so it is not loose.

•• An unsecure connection may cause a fire.

Connect the power plug to a grounded power socket (type 1 insulated devices only).

•• An electric shock or injury may result.


Do not bend or pull the power cord with force. Be careful not to leave the power cord under a heavy object.

•• Damage to the cord may result in a fire or electric shock.

Do not place the power cord or product near heat sources.

•• A fire or electric shock may result.

Clean any dust around the pins of the power plug or the power socket with a dry cloth.

•• A fire may result.