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This section describes troubleshooting procedures for the Cisco ATA:

General Troubleshooting Tips, page 8-1

Symptoms and Actions, page 8-2

Installation and Upgrade Issues, page 8-3

Debugging, page 8-4

Using System Diagnostics, page 8-6

Local Tone Playout Reporting, page 8-9

Obtaining Network Status Prior to Getting IP Connectivity, page 8-10

Obtaining Network Status After Getting IP Connectivity, page 8-11

DHCP Status HTML Page, page 8-13

Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) Statistics Reporting, page 8-13

Frequently Asked Questions, page 8-14

Contacting TAC, page 8-15

Note The term Cisco ATA is used throughout this manual to refer to both the Cisco ATA 186 and the Cisco ATA 188, unless differences between the Cisco ATA 186 and Cisco ATA 188 are explicitly stated.

General Troubleshooting Tips

The suggestions in this section are general troubleshooting tips.

Make sure that the DHCP server is operating correctly. Note that the function button blinks slowly when the Cisco ATA attempts to acquire the DHCP configuration.

If the green activity LED is not flashing after you connect the Ethernet cable, make sure that both the power cord and the Ethernet connection are secure.

If there is no dial tone, make sure that the telephone line cord from the telephone is plugged into the appropriate port on the Cisco ATA. Make sure that your Cisco ATA is properly registered on your Call Control system. Test another phone; if this phone does not work either, there may be a problem with the current configuration or with the Cisco ATA.

Cisco ATA 186 and Cisco ATA 188 Analog Telephone Adaptor Administrator’s Guide for MGCP (version 3.0)







Page 145
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Cisco Systems ATA 188 General Troubleshooting Tips, page Symptoms and Actions, page, DHCP Status HTML Page, page