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Cisco IOS Release 11.0 BT Release Note andUpdate to Configuration Guides and CommandReferences

January 15, 1999

This document supplements the Cisco IOS Release11.0 documentation set with new and changed
commands that support Cisco IOS Release 11.0(10)BT and later. Note that Cisco IOS Release
11.0(10)BT is the initial release of Cisco IOS Release 11.0 BT. No prior versions of Cisco IOS
Release 11.0 BT exist. The TN3270 server function is supported on a Channel Interface Processor
card in a Cisco7000 series or Cisco 7500 series router. The following Cisco IOS releases are
covered by this release note publication:
Cisco IOS 11.0(10)BT
Cisco IOS 11.0(11)BT
Cisco IOS 11.0(12)BT
Cisco IOS 11.0(13a)BT
Note Cisco IOS Release 11.0(13)BT was renumbered and released as 11.0(13a)BT.)
Cisco IOS 11.0(14)BT, Cisco IOS 11.0(14a)BT1
Note Shipment of Cisco IOS Release 11.0(14)BT was halted due to CSCdj05366. A fix was
implemented and the release was renumbered and released as 11.0(14a)BT1.