Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop
Set Up Wireless Display (Optional)
NOTE: Wireless display may not be
supported on all computers.
Wireless display can only be set up on
computers with:
Processor Intel® Corei3 and above
Intel HD Graphics
WLAN card Intel Centrino® 6200 or Intel
Centrino Advanced‑N +
WiMAX 6250
Windows 7 Home Premium,
Professional, or Ultimate
To set up wireless display on your computer:
Ensure that your computer is turned on.1.
Ensure that wireless is enabled (see “Enable 2.
or Disable Wireless” on page 14).
Connect the wireless display adapter to 3.
the TV.
Turn on the TV.4.
Select the appropriate video source for your 5.
TV, such as HDMI1, HDMI2, or S‑Video.
Click the Intel6. ® Wireless Display icon on
the desktop.
The Intel® Wireless Display window
Select 7. Scan for available displays.
Select your wireless display adapter from 8.
the Detected wireless displays list.
Enter the security code that appears on 9.
your TV.