Using Support Tools
Hardware Troubleshooter
If a device is either not detected during
the operating system setup or is detected
but incorrectly configured, you can use the
Hardware Troubleshooter to resolve the
To start the Hardware Troubleshooter:
Click 1. Start Help and Support.
Type 2. hardware troubleshooter in
the search field and press <Enter> to start
the search.
In the search results, select the option that 3.
best describes the problem and follow the
remaining troubleshooting steps.
Dell Diagnostics
If you experience a problem with your
computer, perform the checks in “Lockups and
Software Problems” on page 48 and run the
Dell Diagnostics before you contact Dell for
technical assistance.
NOTE: Dell Diagnostics works only on Dell
Drivers and Utilities
disc may
not ship with your computer.
Ensure that the device that you want to test
displays in the system setup program and is
active. Press <F2> during POST (Power On Self
Test) to enter the System Setup (BIOS) utility.
Start the Dell Diagnostics from your hard drive
or from the
Drivers and Utilities