Using Your Inspiron Laptop
Dell Dock
The Dell Dock is a group of icons that provides easy access to frequently‑used applications, files,
and folders. You can personalize the Dock by:
Adding or removing icons•
Grouping related icons into categories•
Changing the color and location of the Dock•
Changing the behavior of the icons•

Add a Category

Right‑click the Dock, click 1. Add Category.
The Add/Edit Category window is displayed.
Enter a title for the category in the 2. Title field.
Select an icon for the category from the 3.
Select an image: box.
Click 4. Save.

Add an Icon

Drag and drop the icon to the Dock or a

Remove a Category or Icon

Right‑click the category or icon on the Dock 1.
and click Delete shortcut or Delete category.
Follow the instructions on the screen.2.

Personalize the Dock

Right‑click the Dock and click 1. Advanced
Choose the desired option to personalize the 2.