Using Your Inspiron Laptop

Entertainment and Multimedia

You can use your computer to watch videos,
play games, create your own CDs/DVDs, listen
to music and Internet radio stations.
You can download or copy pictures and video files
from portable devices, such as digital cameras
and cell phones. Optional software applications
enable you to organize and create music and
video files that can be recorded to disc, saved
on portable products such as MP3 players and
handheld entertainment devices, or played and
viewed directly on connected TVs, projectors,
and home theater equipment.
Dell DataSafe Online Backup
NOTE: Dell DataSafe Online is not
supported by Linux operating systems.
NOTE: A broadband connection is
recommended for fast upload/download
Dell DataSafe Online is an automated backup
and recovery service that helps protect your
data and other important files from catastrophic
incidents like theft, fire, or natural disasters. You
can access the service on your computer using
a password‑protected account.
For more information, go to delldatasafe.com.
To schedule backups:
Double‑click the Dell DataSafe Online 1.
icon on the taskbar.
Follow the instructions that appear on the 2.