Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop
Setting Up a Wired Connection
If you are using a dial‑up connection, •
connect the telephone line to the optional
external USB modem and to the telephone
wall connector before you set up your
Internet connection.
If you are using a DSL or cable/satellite •
modem connection, contact your ISP
or cellular telephone service for setup
To complete setting up your wired Internet
connection, follow the instructions in “Setting
Up Your Internet Connection” on page 19.
Setting Up a Wireless Connection
NOTE: To set up your wireless router, see
the documentation that shipped with your
Before you can use your wireless Internet
connection, you need to connect to your
wireless router.
To set up your connection to a wireless router:
Windows Vista
Ensure that wireless is enabled on your 1.
computer (see “Enable or Disable Wireless”
on page 14).
Save and close any open files, and exit any 2.
open programs.
Click 3. Start Connect To.
Follow the instructions on the screen to 4.
complete the setup.