Restoring Your Operating System
Dell DataSafe Local Backup
CAUTION: Using Dell DataSafe Local
Backup permanently removes any
programs or drivers installed after you
received your computer. Prepare backup
media of applications you need to install
on your computer before using Dell
DataSafe Local Backup. Use Dell DataSafe
Local Backup only if System Restore did
not resolve your operating system problem.
CAUTION: Although Dell Datasafe Local
Backup is designed to preserve the data
files on your computer, it is recommended
that you backup your data files before
using the Dell DataSafe Local Backup.
NOTE: Dell DataSafe Local Backup may not
be available in all regions.
NOTE: If Dell DataSafe Local Backup is
not available on your computer, use Dell
Factory Image Restore (see “Dell Factory
Image Restore” on page 65) to restore your
operating system.
You can use Dell DataSafe Local Backup to
restore your hard drive to the operating state
it was in when you purchased your computer,
while preserving the data files.
Dell DataSafe Local Backup allows you to:
Backup and restore your computer to an •
earlier operating state
Create system recovery media•

Dell DataSafe Local Backup Basic

To restore the factory image while preserving
the data files:
Turn off your computer.1.
Disconnect all the devices (USB drive, 2.
printer, etc.) connected to the computer and
remove any newly added internal hardware.
NOTE: Do not disconnect the display,
keyboard, mouse, or the power cable.
Turn on your computer.3.