Using Your Inspiron Laptop
Multimedia Control Keys
The multimedia control keys are located on the function key row on the keyboard. To use the
multimedia controls, press the required key. You can configure the multimedia control keys on the
keyboard using the System Setup (BIOS) Utility or the Windows Mobility Center.

System Setup (BIOS) Utility

Press <F2> during POST (Power On Self Test) to enter the System Setup (BIOS) utility.1.
In the 2. Function Key Behavior, select Multimedia Key First or Function Key First.
Multimedia Key First — This is the default option. Press any multimedia key to perform the
associated action. For function key, press <Fn> + the required function key.
Function Key First — Press any function key to perform the associated action.
For multimedia key, press <Fn> + the required multimedia key.
NOTE: The Multimedia Key First option is active only in the operating system.

Windows Mobility Center

Press the < 1. ><X> keys to launch the Windows Mobility Center.
In the 2. Function Key Row, select Function Key or Multimedia Key.