Restoring Your Operating System
System Restore
The Windows operating systems provide
a System Restore option which allows
you to return your computer to an earlier
operating state (without affecting data files) if
changes to the hardware, software, or other
system settings have left the computer in an
undesirable operating state. Any changes that
System Restore makes to your computer are
completely reversible.
CAUTION: Make regular backups of your
data files. System Restore does not monitor
your data files or recover them.

Starting System Restore

Click 1. Start .
In the search box, type 2. System Restore
and press <Enter>.
NOTE: The User Account Control window
may appear. If you are an administrator on
the computer, click Continue; otherwise,
contact your administrator to continue the
desired action.
Click 3. Next and follow the instructions on the
In the event that System Restore did not resolve
the issue, you may undo the last system restore.

Undoing the Last System Restore

NOTE: Before you undo the last system
restore, save and close all open files, and
exit any open programs. Do not alter, open,
or delete any files or programs until the
system restoration is complete.
Click 1. Start .
In the search box, type 2. System Restore
and press <Enter>.
Click 3. Undo my last restoration and click