Dell Support Center

The Dell Support Center helps you find
the service, support, and system‑specific
information you need.
To launch the application, click the icon in the
The Dell Support Center home page displays your
computer’s model number, service tag, express
service code, and service contact information.
The home page also provides links to access:
Self Help (Troubleshooting,
Security, System Performance,
Network/Internet, Backup/
Recovery, and Windows
operating system)
Alerts (technical support alerts
relevant to your computer)
Assistance from Dell (Technical
Support with DellConnect,
Customer Service, Training and
Tutorials, How‑To Help with
Solution Station, and Online
Scan with PC CheckUp)
About Your System (System
Documentation, Warranty
Information, System Information,
Upgrades & Accessories)
For more information about Dell Support Center
and available support tools, click the Services
tab at support.dell.com.
Using Support Tools