Using Support Tools
If you are experiencing memory issues, c.
press <y>, otherwise press <n>.
The following message is displayed:
“Booting Dell Diagnostic
Utility Partition. Press any
key to continue.
Press any key to go to the d. Choose An
Option window.
If PSA is not invoked:
Press any key to start the Dell Diagnostics from
the diagnostic utility partition on your hard drive
and to go to the Choose An Option window.
Select the test you want to run.4.
If you encounter a problem during a test, 5.
a message with the error code and a
description of the problem will appear on
your screen. Write down the error code and
problem description and contact Dell (see
“Contacting Dell” on page 74).
NOTE: The Service Tag for your computer
is displayed at the top of each test screen.
The Service Tag helps you identify your
computer when you contact Dell.
When the tests complete, close the test 6.
screen to return to the Choose An Option
To exit the Dell Diagnostics and to restart the 7.
computer, click Exit.