If you experience a problem with your computer,
you can complete the following steps to
diagnose and troubleshoot the problem:
See “Solving Problems” on page 1. 45 for
information and procedures that pertain to
the problem your computer is experiencing.
See the 2.

Dell Technology Guide

on your hard
drive or at support.dell.com/manuals for
more troubleshooting information.
See “Dell Diagnostics” on page 3. 55 for
procedures on how to run Dell Diagnostics.
Fill out the “Diagnostic Checklist” on 4.
page 73.
Use Dell’s extensive suite of online services 5.
available at support.dell.com for help with
installation and troubleshooting procedures.
See “Online Services” on page 69 for a more
extensive list of Dell Support online.
If the preceding steps have not resolved the 6.
problem, see “Before You Call” on page 72.
NOTE: Call Dell Support from a telephone
near or at the computer so that the support
staff can assist you with any necessary
NOTE: Dell’s Express Service Code system
may not be available in all countries.
When prompted by Dell’s automated telephone
system, enter your Express Service Code to
route the call directly to the proper support
personnel. If you do not have an Express
Service Code, open the Dell Accessories folder,
double‑click the Express Service Code icon, and
follow the directions.
NOTE: Some of the services are not
always available in all locations outside
the continental U.S. Call your local Dell
representative for information on availability.
Getting Help