Restoring Your Operating System
System Recovery Media
CAUTION: Although the system recovery
media is designed to preserve the data
files on your computer, it is recommended
that you backup your data files before
using the system recovery media.
You can use the system recovery media, created
using Dell DataSafe Local Backup, to return
your hard drive to the operating state it was
in when you purchased the computer while
persevering the data files on your computer.
Use the system recovery media in case of:
Operating system failure that prevents the •
use of recovery options that are installed on
your computer.
Hard drive failure that prevents data from •
being recovered.
To restore the factory image of your computer
using the system recovery media:
Insert the system recovery disc or USB key 1.
and restart the computer.
When the DELL2. logo appears, press <F12>
NOTE: If you wait too long and the
operating system logo appears, continue to
wait until you see the Microsoft® Windows®
desktop; then, shut down your computer
and try again.
Select the appropriate boot device from the 3.
list and press <Enter>.
Follow the instructions on the screen to 4.
complete the recovery process.