Solving Problems
Memory Problems
If you receive an insufficient memory
Save and close any open files and exit any •
open programs you are not using to see if
that resolves the problem.
See the software documentation for minimum •
memory requirements. If necessary, install
additional memory (see the Service Manual at
Reseat the memory module(s) into the •
connector(s) (see the

Service Manual

If the problem persists, contact Dell (see •
“Contacting Dell” on page 74).
If you experience other memory problems
Run the Dell Diagnostics (see “Dell •
Diagnostics” on page 55).
If the problem persists, contact Dell (see •
“Contacting Dell” on page 74).
Lockups and Software Problems
If the computer does not start up — Ensure
that the AC adapter is firmly connected to the
computer and to the electrical outlet.
If a program stops responding
End the program:
Press <Ctrl><Shift><Esc> simultaneously.1.
Click 2. Applications.
Select the program that is no longer 3.
Click 4. End Task.
If a program crashes repeatedly — Check the
software documentation. If necessary, uninstall
and then reinstall the program.
NOTE: Software usually includes
installation instructions in its
documentation or on the CD.