This section provides troubleshooting
information for your computer. If you cannot
solve your problem using the following
guidelines, see “Using Support Tools” on
page 51 or “Contacting Dell” on page 74.
WARNING: Only trained service
personnel should remove the computer
cover. See the

Service Manual

support.dell.com/manuals for advanced
service instructions.

Beep Codes

Your computer might emit a series of beeps
during start‑up if there are errors or problems.
This series of beeps, called a beep code,
identifies a problem. Write down the beep
code and contact Dell (see “Contacting Dell”
on page 74).
NOTE: To replace parts, see the
at support.dell.com.
Beep Code Possible Problem
One Possible system board failure —
BIOS ROM checksum failure
Two No RAM detected
NOTE: If you installed or
replaced the memory module,
ensure that the memory module
is seated properly.
Three Possible system board failure —
Chipset error
Four RAM read/write failure
Five Real Time Clock failure
Six Video card or chip failure
Seven Processor failure
Eight Display failure
Solving Problems