Setting Up Your Inspiron Laptop
Ensure that wireless is enabled on your 1.
computer (see “Enable or Disable Wireless”
on page 14).
Save and close any open files, and exit any 2.
open programs.
Click 3. Start Control Panel.
In the search box, type 4. network, and
then click Network and Sharing Center
Connect to a network.
Follow the instructions on the screen to 5.
complete the setup.
Setting Up Your Internet Connection
ISPs and ISP offerings vary by country. Contact
your ISP for offerings available in your country.
If you cannot connect to the Internet but have
successfully connected in the past, the ISP
might have a service outage. Contact your ISP
to check the service status, or try connecting
again later.
Have your ISP information ready. If you do not
have an ISP, the Connect to the Internet wizard
can help you get one.