Digital Display
The easy-to-use Digital Display gives you total control of your wash cycle, whether it is
adjusting the wash length using our Wash Time Selector, delaying the start of your
wash, or adjusting the temperature and spin speed of your selected programme. The
simplicity of the Digital Display understates the advanced technology, which clearly
displays all the wash cycle information, putting you in control.

Door Locked indicator

The Door Locked indicator light is illuminated when the door is fully closed and the machine
is ON.
When Start Pause is pressed on the machine with the door closed the indicator will flash
momentarily and then illuminate. If the door is not closed the indicator will continue to flash.
A special safety device prevents the door from being opened immediately after the end of
the cycle. Wait for 2 minutes after the wash cycle has finished and the door locked light has
gone out before opening the door. As a safety measure, check that there is no water evident
in the drum. At the end of the cycle turn the programme selector to OFF.
If the programme is paused, the door locked indicator will go out after 2 minutes and the
door can be opened. Check there is no water evident in the drum before opening the door.

Spin Speed

When a programme is selected the maximum spin speed allowed for that programme
appears on the display. Pressing the Spin Speed button will reduce the speed by
100rpm each time the button is pressed. The minimum speed is 400rpm, or continuing
to press the button will eliminate the final spin completely.
Wash Temperature Indicator
Wash Length
Wash Cycle Time/Delay Start Indicator Kg Mode Drying Programme Indicators
Spin Speed
Door Lock

Wash Temperature

When a programme is selected the relevant indicator will light up to show the
recommended wash temperature. You can select a different temperature by pressing
the Temperature button. For example: The Cottons programme will default to 40°C.
If you want carry out a cold wash all the indicators must be off.
With this control the temperature can be reduced to 30°C to reduce energy
consumption or increased to 60°C for a more intensive wash.
Today, most detergents have been improved to wash efficiently at lower temperatures,
therefore we have set the default temperature settings of each programme to a lower
level, saving electricity and reducing the carbon footprint of your machine.
Please refer to the Programme Guide for the maximum temperature to which each
programme can be set.
90 60 40 30 20