Running a Wash Cycle
This section summarises the main points when completing a wash cycle. For detailed
explanations of features, options and details of the machine refer to the relevant
section in the instruction manual.

Preparing the laundry

Select and sort the laundry according to the wash care labels found on each garment.

Loading the laundry

Open the door. Put the laundry in the washing machine. Close the door by pushing it
until it clicks, ensuring that no items of laundry are obstructing the lock or door seal.

Putting detergent in machine

Open the drawer, choose the detergent and put in the recommended amount.
Do not exceed the dosage stated below:
Close the drawer again.
Note: Liquid detergents and some concentrated powders and tablets that are to be
placed directly into the drum should be placed in the recommended dispensing device.

Selecting the wash programme

Refer to the Programme Guide or the programme descriptions on the front of the
machine to select the most suitable programme. Turning the programme selector and
aligning the programme name with the indicator selects the programme. Check that
the tap is turned on and that the discharge hose is positioned correctly. Select the
required wash options.

Starting the wash cycle

Press the Start Pause button. The Door Locked indicator and KG Mode lights will
After a few seconds the wash cycle will begin. During the first 4 minutes of
Compartment Wash Maximum quantity of
Prewash (option)
Main Wash
(all programmes)
Fabric Conditioner
100 ml
200 ml
200 ml