The cycle will consist of alternate periods of activity and pauses. This is particularly
suitable for washing very delicate fabrics, as it creates a hand-washing effect.
Washing and rinsing are carried out using a high water level to provide the best results.
This programme carries out three rinses with an intermediate spin (which can be
reduced or excluded by using the Spin Speed option). It can be used for rinsing any
type of fabric e.g. use after hand washing.
Wool & Silk
This programme allows a complete washing cycle for garments specified as “Machine-
Washable” Wool fabrics and laundry items made from silk or specified “Wash as Silk”
on the fabric label.
Thanks to the new generation of 3 phase motors controlled by a sophisticated
electronic system, we have developed a new washing mode which simulates
hand washing action during wash cycle.
The new motor allows the drum to move with a pulse action. This action of partial
rotation with pauses in between creates a delicate wash only equalled to that of hand
The programme has a maximum temperature of 30°C and concludes with 3 rinses,
one for fabric conditioner, and a slow spin.
The Rapid programme allows a washing cycle to be completed in just 14 minutes! This
programme is particularly suited to slightly dirty cottons and mixed fabrics.
Using the Wash Time button on the Rapid cycle will enable you to select either a 14,
30 or 44 minute wash cycle.
When selecting the rapid programme, please note that we recommend you use only
20% of the recommended quantities shown on the detergent pack.
For information about these programmes please refer to the programmes table.
This washing machine has a unique Sportswear programme.
It is specially designed to wash mixed sportswear fabrics that cannot be washed on
hotter programmes and is designed to remove the dirt and staining created by
participation in sports activities.
This programme washes at a cool 30°C, rinses twice (one is for fabric conditioner)
and spins at 1000rpm for the best care of your really dirty, delicate garments.
Spin & Drain
The spin programme completes the spin at the maximum spin speed, this can be
reduced by using the Spin Speed option button or excluded if you want drain only.