Drying Advice
In addition to the advice for washing your clothes, you should also follow the guideli-
nes below when drying clothes.

Sort the load before drying

We recommend that you sort the laundry by the following methods:
By drying care symbols, which are display on the clothing labels:
Suitable for tumble drying
Tumble dry at high temperature
Tumble dry at low temperature only
DO NOT tumble dry
If the fabric does not have a care label, it should be assumed it is not suitable for
By size and thickness
Whenever the wash load is bigger than the drying capacity, separate the clothes
according to thickness (e.g. towels from thin underwear).
By fabric type
Cottons/linen: Towels, cotton jersey, bed and table linen.
Synthetics: Blouses, shirts, overalls, etc. made of polyester or polyamide, as well as
for cotton/synthetic mixes.

Items to avoid when drying

We recommend that you DO NOT dry the following items in the washer dryer:
Woollens, silk, delicate fabrics, nylon stockings, delicate embroidery, fabrics with
metallic decorations, garments with PVC or leather trimmings, trainers / sports
shoes, bulky items such as sleeping bags, etc, should not be tumble dried.
Do not dry articles that have been treated with a dry cleaning fluid or rubber clo-
thes, as there is a danger of fire or explosion.
Foam rubber materials should not be placed in the dryer. In certain circumstances
e.g. when heated, these materials could spontaneously combust, setting fire to your
machine. Foam rubber, foam plastic and rubber-like materials are not suitable for
tumble drying.
Do not dry items that are dripping wet. It is advisable to spin dry garments before
the drying stage.