Water on the floor around the washing machine...
Is the fill hose tightened? If so, replace the rubber washers and re-tighten.
Is the standpipe or the household drain blocked? If so, clear the blockage yourself
or call a plumber.
Is there clothing or dirt between the door gasket and the door glass? Ensure that
the door glass and gasket are kept clean and free of laundry when loading the
The machine does not spin…
Water has not drained from the machine? Check the points highlighted above.
Have you selected an option that changes the spin profile (change of spin speed
on the selector)? Check the feature in the description of the controls.
Is the load unbalanced? To reduce noise and vibration and improve the machine’s
reliability and life, the machine is fitted with an electronic sensor that detects if the
load is unbalanced. To improve the spin performance the load can be re-distributed
by hand at the end of the cycle and then re-spun.
The machine is noisy or vibrates a lot during the cycle…
Has the transit system been fully removed? (see Unpacking the Product).
Are there any loose items in the pockets of clothing that can rattle in the drum
and cause damage?
Is the load unbalanced? Stop the programme, redistribute the load and restart.
The programme takes a long time…
Some programmes do take a long time (over 2.5 hours). Low water pressure can
increase the length of the programme.
The door will not open…
Has the programme finished? Is the END light illuminated? If not the programme
is not complete. Has the door locked light gone out? If not wait a further two
minutes and the light will go out and you will be able to open the door.
Has the programme finished but the door remains locked? The display reads
Error 2. Turn the machine to OFF to reset the machine and this will allow the door
to open.
If water remains in the drum refer to 'Water does not drain away…' above.