Problem Solving Guide

Defects you can remedy yourself

Before calling Hoover Service for technical advice please run through the following
checklist. A charge will be made if the machine is found to be working or has been
installed incorrectly or used incorrectly. If the problem persists after completing the
recommended checks, please call Hoover Service (tel: 08705 400 600); they may be
able to assist you over the telephone.
Advisory note
During drying phase the drum will accelerate to a higher speed to distribute the
load and to optimize the drying performance

The machine will not start…

Close the door. Check that there is power to the machine. Select a programme
and press Start Pause. Check if the door locked light is illuminated.
If it is not, check the following:
1. Is the machine connected to the electrical supply?
2. Is the electrical supply OK? Check another socket.
3. Has the fuse on the machine blown? If so, replace it.
If the door locked light is illuminated and the machine does not start this means
that the machine cannot fill with water, check the following:
1. Check the programme dial is correctly aligned with the programme.
2. Is the water supply to the machine switched on?
3. Are the pipes kinked or restricted in any way?

Water does not drain away… (error 3 will be displayed)

Ensure that there is not a blockage in the drain hose or the hose is not kinked.
Is the drain hose installed correctly? If connected to the sink waste make sure you
have cut the membrane or removed the bung from the under sink drainage unit.
Check for foreign bodies in the filter. If present, clean the filter.
If you have found any of the above problems correct them and run the machine
through a spin cycle to drain the water.