Once the programme option has been selected, press the Start Pause button.
The appliance will then calculate the time to the end of the selected programme based
upon a full dry load. During the cycle the appliance will update the time to suit the
actual load size and dampness of the fabrics.
Timed programmes:
Alternatively you may select a pre-determined time for the drying cycle. The Timed
Drying programmes may be set to the following times:
120 minutes – 90 minutes – 60 minutes – 30 minutes
Cool down phase :
A 10 minute cool down phase occurs at the end of each drying cycle to ensure clothes
are not too hot to touch when the cycle finishes.
Drying Programme Indicators
Hoover washer dryers incorporate an Automatic Sensor Drying function which takes
the guesswork out of setting the drying time. You simply select the degree of dryness
you require and the dryer automatically switches off when that level is reached. For
added flexibility there are 3 Sensor Drying levels to choose from:
= Extra dry programme
= Store dry programme
= Iron dry programme
KG Mode Indicator
Available on Cotton and Synthetic cycles, during the first 4 minutes of the cycle the
indicator lights and wash time will flash. This means the intelligent sensor is weighing
the laundry and will adjust the cycle time, water and electricity consumption
Delay Start
This indicator shows the number of hours time delay, once the delay start has been set.
Wash Cycle Time
When a programme is selected the display automatically shows the maximum cycle
duration for a full load, which can vary, depending on the options selected. Once the
programme has started you will be kept informed constantly of the time remaining to
the end of the wash.
If is selected the automatic washing/drying cycle, at the end of the wash phase, the
drying time remaining to the end will be shown on the display.
Wash Length Indicator
Once the programme has been selected the indicator light will automatically show
the wash time set for that programme. Selecting a different wash time the relevant
indicator will light up.