Automatic Features

KG Mode (Half Load)

Available on the Cottons and Synthetics cycles, the intelligent sensor adjusts the water
level and programme length throughout each phase of the cycle according to how
much laundry you load into the machine. The KG Mode indicator will light up when
the intelligent sensor is weighing the laundry.
The washing machine is fitted with a self-adjusting water level system. This system
enables the machine to use the optimum amount of water needed to wash and rinse
the laundry in relation to the particular load. This results in a reduction of the water
and electricity used without in any way compromising the washing and rinsing
performance. The amount of water and electricity used will always be appropriate for
the clothes load size.
The washing machine automatically ensures excellent washing results at minimum cost
whilst respecting the environment.

Out of Balance protection

This model is fitted with an electronic sensor device that checks if the load is balanced
correctly. If the load is slightly unbalanced the machine will re-balance it automatically
and then carry out the normal spin. If, after several attempts, balance is not restored a
reduced spin speed will be used. If loads are seriously unbalanced the spin stage will
be cancelled. This helps limit vibration, reduce noise and improve the washing
machine's reliability and life.

8 Pulse Technology

This washing machine is equipped with an innovative system that by means of 8 high
pressure jets, sprays a mixture of water and detergent directly into the load.
The “inverter motor technology used in this machine manages the drum movement
during the start up of each programme, in conjunction with the 8 high pressure jets
spraying the detergent mixture into the load, the cycle includes a set of spin actions
that helps the detergent solution to penetrate into the fibers, helping dirt removal and
ensuring the best available wash performance.
The spin cycle at the beginning of the wash is therefore a normal phase of the
program and should not be regarded as a malfunction of the machine.
The 8 pulse system is also used during the rinse phase where the high pressure jets aid
the complete removal of detergent residues trapped in the clothes.