Levelling The Machine
Your machine is heavy so care must be taken when moving it.
We recommend that two people move the machine to avoid strain and possible injury.
Take care not to damage flooring when moving the machine and do not drag or lift
the machine by its door.
When moving the machine to its final position, take care not to kink or damage the
hose at the back of the machine.
Once the machine is in place the feet should be adjusted to ensure that the machine is
level. If the machine is not level it may become very noisy or move during the spin
Step 1. Turn the locking nut clockwise to release the screw adjuster on the feet.
Step 2. Adjust the feet on the corners of the machine by rotating each foot to raise or
lower its position until it is firm and level on the ground.
Step 3. When the machine is firm and level, tighten the locking nuts on the feet in an
anti-clockwise direction until they reach the base of the machine.
Testing the Installation
Refer to “Selecting the wash programme” for details of how to select programmes.
Step 1. Turn on the water supply and check for leaks from the fill hose.
Step 2. Switch on the electricity supply.
Step 3. Select the spin programme and then press the Start Pause button to start the
machine. Allow the programme to continue for one minute and then cancel the
programme by returning the selector to the OFF position. This will remove any water
remaining in the machine from factory testing.
Step 4. To check for cold water filling to the machine:
Select the rinse programme and press the Start Pause button to start the machine.
Once the rinse has finished, allow the tumble action to continue until the water has
pumped out. Check that the drain outlet is not leaking or overflowing.