Power Failure
If there is a power failure the wash cycle will be interrupted, and the wash programme
and functions will be suspended. When the power is restored, the wash programme
and functions will re-start from the same point and complete the programme.
During a power failure the water can be drained and the load can be removed from
the machine as follows:
Step 1. Switch off the machine both via the programme dial and the mains power
supply. Remove the plug from the mains power supply socket.
Step 2. Carefully move the machine so the rear of the machine is accessible. Please
follow the safety precautions that we recommend under the Warning and Safety
Instructions section of this manual.
Step 3. Unclip the drain hose from the rear panel of the machine and lower the hose
into a bowl on the floor. When the bowl is full raise the end of the drainpipe to a
height higher than the top of the appliance to stop the flow of water. Empty and
replace the bowl and continue draining the machine until empty.
Step 4. Once the machine is fully drained of water, clip the hose to the rear of the
machine. Open the door and remove the load.
The door can be opened approximately 2 minutes after the power failure.
Do not force open the door.
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