Problem with the dispenser…
Not all the detergent has been flushed away.
1. Check the water supply tap is fully turned on.
2. Check the inlet hose is not kinked.
The dispenser drawer will not close properly.
1. Check the drawer is aligned properly
2. Check the drawer is not clogged with detergent (see Care and Maintenance)
Steam is coming from the dispenser. The machine is designed to vent through the
drawer, this is nothing to worry about.
The clothes load is not dry…_
Was sufficient time or automatic setting selected to dry the clothes load? (Refer to
Drying Time Guide page 35.)
Is the wash programme selected followed automatically by a drying programme?
(Refer to Programme Guide page 26.)
Was the laundry correctly spun prior to drying? Select a spin programme to
remove the excess water.
Has the correct drying programme been selected? Refer to the laundry care label
for guidance.
The laundry may have been excessively wet at the end of the wash cycle eg. The
load was out of balance (see page 22). In this case the load may not have dried
within the maximum time allowed. Select a drying only programme (page 25) to
complete the drying.
Remember, you may be charged for the service call if incorrect installation or misuse
causes a problem with your machine.
If the following error codes are displayed, switch OFF the machine and contact Hoover
Service: 0, 1, 4, 5, 7 and 8.
Note: The use of environmentally friendly, phosphate-free detergents (check detergent
information on pack) can have the following effects:
Waste water from rinsing may be cloudier because of the presence of a white
powder (zeolites) held in suspension, without the rinse performance being adversely
Presence of white powder on laundry after washing, which is not absorbed by
the fabric and does not alter the colour of the fabric.
The presence of foam in the final rinsing water is not necessarily an indication of
poor rinsing. Carrying out more rinse cycles does not serve any purpose in such cases.
Error 9 is displayed…
Cancel the programme by returning the selector to the OFF position.
Wait 10-15 seconds, select again the programme and press the START/PAUSE button to
switch the machine on.