Spin Speed
The spin cycle is used to remove as much water as possible from the laundry without
damaging your clothes. The recommended spin speed for each programme is already
set to the highest level for that chosen programme. By pressing the Spin Speed button
you can reduce the spin speed in 100rpm intervals.
To cancel the spin cycle altogether, set the spin speed to 0.
It is not possible to select a spin speed higher than that suitable for the programme
selected. This feature is designed to avoid damage to your clothes.
It is possible to modify the spin speed at any time without stopping or pausing the
Wash Time Selector
Once the programme has been selected the indicator light will automatically show
the wash time set for that programme. Selecting a different wash time the relevant
indicator will light up. For example: Using this button on the Rapid Wash cycle will
enable you to select either a 14, 30 or 44 minute wash cycle.
This selection is only available on the Cotton, Synthetic and Rapid programmes.