Running a Dry Cycle
This section summarises the main points when completing a drying cycle. For detailed
explanations of drying programmes, please refer to the relevant section in this manual.

Sorting the laundry

Once the wash cycle has finished, make sure the laundry does not exceed the
recommended drying weight (see Programme Guide for details). If you have filled the
washing machine to the maximum level you will need to remove some of the laundry
before starting the drying stage. It is advisable to reduce the load size further if the
item is bulky or absorbent e.g. towels. Please refer to the Drying Advice section for a
list of items that should not be tumble dried.

Selecting the drying programme

Refer to the Programme Guide to choose the most appropriate drying cycle for your
laundry, with the correct heat setting for the fabrics type (high heat for cottons, low
heat for synthetics). Turn the programme dial to the appropriate heat setting. Press the
Drying Selection button until the required programme is selected (refer to the Dry
Options table).

Starting the drying cycle

Once the programme option is illuminated, press the Start Pause button to begin the
cycle. The Door Locked indicator and KG Mode lights will illuminate. After a few
seconds the cycle will begin, highlighting the time remaining for the cycle based on a
full dry load. During the cycle the appliance will assess the load then update the time
to suit the actual load size and dampness of the fabrics. The double glazed door of
this appliance provides protection against the high heat created by the tumble drying

When the programme has finished

We recommend that you let the Cool Down period of the drying cycle complete before
removing the laundry, as the laundry would be too hot to handle without this phase.
Once the drying cycle has finished, the word END will be displayed on the digital
display. Wait 2 minutes until the Door Locked indicator turns off. Open the door and
remove the laundry. Turn the programme dial to the OFF position.

Selecting a straight through wash & dry cycle

If you wish to wash and dry a load without stopping in between wash and dry cycles,
make sure the wash load does not exceed the maximum dry weight (see Programme
Guide for details). Once the detergent has been added and the wash programme and
options selected, you should then choose the drying cycle before pressing the Start
Pause button. The appropriate heat setting is automatically selected (see Programme
Guide for details).