Please read and follow these instructions carefully and operate the machine
accordingly. This booklet provides important guidelines for safe use,
installation, maintenance and some useful advice for best results when
using your machine.
Please complete the information below referencing your products details found on the
rating plate that is attached to the porthole of your machine:
Model Number:___________________
Serial Number (16 digits): _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Our customer service advisors will require this information whenever you contact
Hoover. Please keep all documentation in a safe place for future reference or for any
future owners.
Delivery information
Please check that the following items are delivered with the appliance:
Instruction manual
Guarantee card
Blanking plugs
Inlet hose
Check that no damage has occurred to the machine during transit.
Your new Hoover appliance comes with a 12-month call-out, parts and labour
guarantee. Registering your appliance also gives you an additional 4-year parts
guarantee absolutely free. To activate both your 12-month and 4 year guarantees, you
must register your appliance within 30 days, quoting your model number, serial
number, plus the date and price of you purchase.

Register your appliance now by calling

08444 810 157

or register online

If you would like to register for an additional 4 years labour protection, please ask our
service advisor for cost details, or complete the enclosed form.