Connecting the Cold WaterSupply
Only one hose is required to install this machine to a cold water supply. Cold fill is an
energy efficient system. Only the water required to wash the laundry is heated. There
is no loss of heat in the pipeline from the hot water tank or the boiler.
If your previous machine installation was hot and cold fill ensure that the hot tap is
firmly closed to prevent leakage.
This machine has an inlet hose with a 19mm (3/4") threaded ferrule fitted to the end,
to attach between the threaded connector on the appliance and the water supply. Only
use the new hose supplied to connect the machine and ensure that the sealing washers
are in place inside the hose connectors.
Do not re-use old hoses that are attached to existing installations.
Do not over-tighten the connections. Hand tight is sufficient.
Do not trap or kink the hose.
Step 1. Connect the elbow end of the hose
provided to the threaded inlet on the back of the
The grey pipe needs to connect to the white
threaded inlet on the machine.
Step 2. Hand tighten the connector.
Step 3. Connect the straight ends of the pipes to
the water supply; ensure that there are no kinks.
Step 4. Turn on the water supply and check there
are no leaks. If there is a leak, turn off the water
supply, disconnect the hose and check the sealing
washers are in place. Refit the hose and turn on
the water supply.