Wash Options
The following options should be chosen once the required programme has been
selected and BEFORE pressing the Start Pause button. The indicator light on each
option button will illuminate if that option has been selected.

Sensitive Care

The Sensitive Care option washes your clothes in a deeper than normal water level to
provide gentler washing for especially delicate fabrics, while detergent is removed
thoroughly with a much larger quantity of water. Perfect for people with delicate skin,
this option can be selected on all Cotton and Synthetic cycles.
This option does not need to be selected on the Delicate, Woollen or Silk programmes,
as it is already an integrated part of the wash cycles.

Delay Start

This option allows you to delay the start of your wash cycle by up to 24 hours. By
pressing the Delay Start button, the time delay will be shown on the display (h00). This
will increase in one-hour intervals each time the Delay Start button is pressed.
Continue to press the button until the required time is reached, then press the Start
Pause button to activate the machine. The machine will start its cycle once the required
number of hours has passed.
To cancel the Delay Start option, press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the
display shows the settings for the selected programme. To start this programme, press
the Start Pause button. To cancel the process, turn the Programme Selector to the OFF
position and then select another programme.


When a programme is selected the relevant indicator will light up to show the
recommended wash temperature. The Temperature button can be used to decrease or
increase the temperature of your chosen wash cycle. Each time the button is pressed,
the new temperature level is shown on the Wash Temperature Indicator.
If you want carry out a cold wash all the indicators must be off.

Night & Day

Press this button (available for all the washing programmes) to reduce the
intermediate spin speed to 400 rpm, where applicable; the water level is increased
during rinsing and the washing is kept immersed in water after the final rinse in order
to spread the fibres evenly.
During the phase in which the water is held in the tub, the indicator lights to show that
the machine is at a standstill.
Release the button to end the cycle with a spin dry (which may be reduced or
cancelled using the appropriate button) and emptying phase.
Thanks to electronic control, the water in the intermediate phases is emptied silently,
making this option very useful for washing at night.