Unpacking the Product
Remove the machine from its packaging close to the final location of the machine.
Step 1. Remove all outer packaging from the
machine. Check there is no damage to the machine
before continuing the installation process.
Step 2. Carefully cut through the hose-retaining clip
at the rear of the machine, taking care not to cut
the hose itself.
Step 3. Remove the 3 retaining screws (A) at the
rear of the machine, as indicated in the image on
the left.
Remove the screw (C).
A spacer will fall inside the machine.
By tilting the machine, remove the above mentioned
Use the blanking plugs provided in the instruction
booklet pack to cover the holes once the screws
have been removed.
Step 4. Tilt the machine forward and apply the
insulation base panel (corrugated plastic) to the
base of the machine using the self-adhesive strips.
All packaging materials used are environmentally friendly and recyclable. Please help
dispose of the packaging via environmentally friendly means. Your local council will be
able to give you details of current means of disposal.