Washing Advice
The following tips are designed to assist in getting the best results from your machine
whilst using it in the most environmentally friendly and economical way. It is also
important to understand the items to avoid in your laundry, to ensure the continued
safe and reliable operation of your machine.
Loading your washing machine
To make further reductions of energy, water and detergent consumption, we
recommend that you put a full load into your machine. Energy savings of up to 50%
can be achieved by washing one full load compared to two half loads.
Do not overload the machine as this will reduce the quality of the wash and may
cause damage to the machine and your laundry.
When is prewashing really needed?
Only with particularly dirty loads! Energy savings of 5 to 15% are made by not
selecting the prewash option for less dirty laundry. Pre-treat awkward stains with a
washable stain remover.
Which wash temperature should you choose?
Using stain removers before machine washing reduces the need to wash at
temperatures over 60°C.
Using a 40°C wash temperature can make energy savings of up to 50%.
Very dirty laundry
To ensure the best performance when washing a particularly dirty load, we
recommend that you reduce the amount of items to be put into the machine.
Allowing more space in the drum means the items can circulate more freely and will
wash better.
Before using a drying programme...
SAVE energy and time by selecting a high spin speed to reduce the water content in
laundry before using a drying programme.